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3 Things About Cloud Jobs That Could Change Your Mind

PLUS: GitHub Launches a New AI Coding Assistant

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In Today’s Cloudbites:

🧠 3 Things About Cloud Jobs That Could Change Your Mind

🧑‍💻 Build Cloud Practical Skills With AWS Cloud Quest

☁️ Online Cloud Events to Look Forward to

🤫 PLUS: GitHub Launches a New AI Coding Assistant

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites

Today, I’ll be discussing three things that people often misunderstand about having a Cloud job. I’ll also share some learning resources if you’re interested in getting into the Cloud as a beginner.


🧠 3 Things About Cloud Jobs That Could Change Your Mind

Here are the 3 concerns that you might have about careers in the Cloud, that might not be completely true.

#1 “Only tech enterprises like Amazon and Apple use the Cloud”

In case you’re worried that the job market is too competitive, it’s not entirely true. 

Big tech companies like Amazon and Apple only represent several of all the companies who are leveraging Cloud technologies. 

From the healthcare to retail industry, there have been more firms turning to Cloud-based services to boost agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of their operations. 

Source: Spacelift

Additionally, Cloud services are accessible to organizations of every scale due to its adjustability feature.

That being said, don't stress about the competitive job market, especially if you're just starting out. 

As reported by Gitnux, the increasing adoption of Cloud solutions by many companies from various industries will open more doors for newcomers.

#2 “I’m too old to start a career in the Cloud.”

Age should never stop you from entering the Cloud industry. 

In the United States, numerous companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and CapGemini, have pledged to support equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of age, by joining and signing with the AARP.

Although it doesn’t guarantee you a job, it increases chances for you to land an opportunity as long as you’re eager to learn and adapt. 

Additionally, rather than age, it implies that employers have agreed to focus more on your skills, experience, and a proactive approach to innovation. 

Because working in the Cloud is more about continuous learning and applying technology for constant improvement. 

#3 “Cloud jobs are only suitable for IT professionals.”

Another factor that might hinder you from working in the Cloud is the fear that you don’t have enough IT proficiency. 

In reality, job opportunities related to the Cloud extend far beyond conventional IT roles. 

In the Cloud ecosystem, there are multiple sets of skills demanded ranging from project management to customer service. 

If you only focus on IT skills, you could overlook the interdisciplinary nature of Cloud-related careers and the potential for you to excel in this field. 

I personally started my Cloud journey in AWS by doing a less technical role that focuses on strategy development. 

If you’re interested to see what my role entails, you can check out my YouTube video on Day in the Life of an AWS Intern (In The Office).

🧑‍💻 Build Cloud Practical Skills With AWS Cloud Quest

You can always develop your Cloud practical skills in a fun, engaging way using AWS Cloud Quest. 

AWS Cloud Quest is a role-playing game to help you build practical AWS Cloud skills.

The roles range from a Solutions Architect to a Networking Specialist. Nevertheless, you get to learn and apply some role-specific Cloud skills to help the citizens of your virtual city. 

Once you finish all the assignments in your role, you get to showcase your achievement by accepting a digital badge.

☁️ Online Cloud Events to Look Forward to

#1 AWS – Machine Learning Basics (May 10)

An overview of the concepts, terminology, and processes of the exciting field of machine learning.

Click here to register. 

#2 AWS – Deep Dive into LLMs - with AWS! (April 29 - May 20)

Learn the diverse range of use cases that LLMs can address, from natural language processing to content generation and beyond.

Click here to access.

#3 Datatonic Academy Ltd – Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure (May 9)

Explore the value of Google Cloud products and services, as well as ways to incorporate cloud-based solutions into real-life business strategies.

Click here to register.

#4 Google Cloud –  GoogleCloudLiftOff (May 9)

Introduction to the core Google Cloud services for compute, storage, database, Big Data and networking.

Click here to register. 


🤫 PLUS: GitHub Launches a New AI Coding Assistant

GitHub recently announced that its Copilot Workspace is a new tool meant to help developers save time when they’re looking through code and trying to figure out how to start a new project. 

Source: GitHub

💡 Here’s what you should know about Copilot Workspace:

  • Copilot Workspace will become a part of GitHub repositories.

  • Developers can tell Copilot Workspace what they want to achieve in their project using text prompts.

  • Then, Copilot Workspace will give suggestions on how to get started and provide step-by-step guidance.

  • Users can modify the suggestions before running the code to complete the project.

It will only be available to a small group of developers for testing for now, but it will become a part of the bigger GitHub Copilot platform eventually.

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