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3 Ways to Document your AWS Cloud Projects

PLUS: A Cool AWS Cloud Project you can Build Today

In Today’s Cloudbites:

🗂 3 Ways to Document your AWS Cloud Projects

☁️ How to Add Cloud Projects to your Resume

👀 A Cool AWS Cloud Project you can Build Today

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites. Today I’ll be sharing the 3 most effective strategies for documenting your AWS Cloud projects.

These are some proven strategies that will help you highlight your technical abilities to employers and secure your dream job in the Cloud industry. 💭

🗂 3 Ways to Document your AWS Cloud Projects

  1. Showcase your projects on a personal portfolio website.

    I’d recommend starting with a summary of what you’ve built, the steps you took and the services you used. You could also include an architectural diagram and any screenshots of the process. 

    Make sure your documentation is easy to understand so employers can clearly see your relevant skills and knowledge. ✅

    Take a look at this portfolio for inspiration.

  2. Create a GitHub Repository for your Projects.

    This allows employers to easily view all your projects in one place, and gain a holistic understanding of your technical skills.

    Moreover, your commit history on GitHub provides a detailed history of your learning journey. 

    Check out this GitHub repo for ideas on how to structure your own.

  3. Use Social Platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

    This is my favorite way to document AWS projects, because it targets a broader audience and creates more career opportunities. 📈

    Here’s an example of someone who followed one of my YT tutorials and shared the process on LinkedIn.

☁️ How to add Cloud Projects to your Resume

When adding Cloud projects to your resume, make sure to include the name of your project and a short description of the scope and impact of what you’ve built.

I’d also recommend including a link to your GitHub or portfolio page. This will demonstrate the depth of your technical skills through your previous documentation of project contributions and coding expertise.

Take a look at the projects listed in this Cloud Computing resume for inspiration.

👀 A Cool AWS Cloud Project you can Build Today

Ready to create your portfolio but not sure which project to begin with?

Start with my beginner-level tutorial on how to Visualize Data using Amazon QuickSight.

In this project you’ll be visualizing data through charts and dashboards using Amazon S3 and Amazon Quicksight. You’ll be drawing from a dataset of 50,000 best-selling products on Amazon.com.

📸 Watch the full video tutorial here.

Or, check out my GitHub for a concise summary of the project.

It should only take you about 1-2 hours to complete. Afterwards, you can add this line to your resume: "Created data visualizations using Amazon S3 and Amazon Quicksight, working with a large dataset of best-selling Amazon products."

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😊

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