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5 AWS Cloud Projects To Get You Hired in 2024

PLUS: ChatGPT Can Now ‘Read Aloud’

In Today’s Cloudbites:

🎯 5 AWS Cloud Projects To Get You Hired

👩‍💻 A Complete Guide On Building the 5 Projects

🛠️ 5 AI Tools to Elevate Your Professional Brand

🤫 PLUS: ChatGPT Can Now ‘Read Aloud’

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites

Today, I’ll be recommending 5 beginner-friendly AWS Cloud projects that you can build and add to your Cloud portfolio. I’ll also share some resources to help you make a good impression on potential employers.


 🎯 5 AWS Cloud Projects To Get You Hired

#1 Build a Daily Task Scheduler Application Using PartyRock

PartyRock allows you to create an application by simply describing what you want (without any coding), making it a great platform for beginners looking to build AI applications. 

This project is great for your own personal use, keeping you on top of your to-do lists. Alternatively, you can also explore PartyRock to create a project management tool. 

To get started, visit PartyRock’s website here and create an account. Select the “Build Your Own App” option, which will open up an interface for you to create your own application. 

Est time: 15-20 minutes

#2 Create a Image-Labels Generator With Amazon Rekognition

In this project, you will be processing images and labeling them using Amazon Rekognition. For example, if you have a picture of a cat, Amazon Rekognition will be able to label the image as a “cat”.  

This project can be turned into an application that identifies products for inventory management. It can also be developed as an accessibility resource for those who are visually impaired.

Est time: 20-30 minutes

#3 Develop a Text Narrator Using Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into speech, allowing any applications to talk. It is useful for whenever you don’t feel like reading and want to listen to the audio version. An example to develop this project is converting a blog post into an audio book. 

This project may sound simple, but it requires a good understanding of AWS services and how to integrate them together. It also shows you how powerful text-to-speech capabilities can be in improving user experience. 

Est time: 20-30 minutes 

#4 Build a Language Translation Bot

This project uses 3 AWS services: AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Translate. All you have to do, is type the word or sentence you would like to translate into the chatbot, and it will output the translation. 

This project can be useful in helping businesses in communicate with international clients, helping travelers interact with locals in different languages, and so much more. 

Est time: 1-2 hours

#5 Deploy a Bucket List Tracker Application on AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is used to deploy and host your frontend and backend services. Compared to the other 4 projects, this one requires multiple AWS services to built. These services include React, AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, Amazon DynamoDB, and a query language like GraphQL API.

Once you’ve built this project, it can help you track all the things you want to achieve in life. You can also edit the application to enable a shared bucket list feature to include your closed ones in your journey.

Est time: 1.5-2 hours

👩‍💻 A Complete Guide On Building the 5 Projects

Like the sound of these 5 projects but not sure where to start?

Check out my YouTube video where I dive deeper into each project.

I also have a guidebook with step-by-step tutorials you can follow along with for each project.

If you’re interested in purchasing the guidebook course, you can apply the coupon code “YT10” for 10% off.


🛠️ 5 AI Tools to Improve Your Productivity

  1. JobHunnt: Connects you to personalized job opportunities based on your skills and preferences

  2. Aragon.ai: Immediately turns your photos into professional headshots

  3. Engage AI: Constructs engaging comments to stand out to potential job prospects on professional platforms such as LinkedIn 

  4. Interviewsby.ai: Offers personalized mock interviews and real-time feedback 

  5. Kickresume: Builds your refined resume with customizable templates

🤫 PLUS: ChatGPT Can Now ‘Read-Aloud’

OpenAI recently launched a new feature ‘Real-Aloud’ that allows ChatGPT to read its responses to you out loud. Note: This is currently only available for ChatGPT Plus users. 

Here’s what you should know:

  • The feature is only accessible for a limited number of users as it is still in its early developing stages

  • Users can customize ChatGPT’s synthetic voice, depending on individual preferences

  • This innovation increases the disability-inclusive aspect of AI chatbots since OpenAI had previously launched ChatGPT Voice through its mobile app where users can inquire via speech


Thanks for reading! 😊

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