How To Become a DevOps Engineer

PLUS: Apple’s Biggest AI Update for iOS 18

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🧑‍💻 How to Become a DevOps Engineer

💡 3 Soft Skills To Develop as a DevOps Engineer

🛠️ 5 AI Tools to Improve Your Productivity

🤫 PLUS: Apple’s Biggest AI Update for iOS 18

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites

Today, I’ll explain the steps to help you land a DevOps Engineer role in 2024. I’ll also be sharing updates on Apple’s iOS 18 software that are expected to be focused on AI.


 👨‍💻 How To Become a DevOps Engineer?

#1 Learn Programming Languages

As a DevOps Engineer, i’s important to understand the programming language used in building a software, which differs depending on which company you’re working for.

That way, you’ll be able to work more efficiently from having a good understanding of how and why the software is built in a certain way. 

Programming languages could be either Python, Ruby, or even a version control system such as Git. 

#2 Learn the IT Fundamentals

As a DevOps Engineer, you are also expected to understand the fundamentals of software development, system administration, and networking. 

Additionally, getting familiar with Agile and DevOps principles will help you to understand the three core values of this role: integrating collaboration, continuous improvement, and automation.

You should have a solid understanding of the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) approach to know how the infrastructure is initiated and monitored to be able to tackle small errors and even work on major updates. 

#3 Build Hands-On Projects

Now that you’ve learned about the relevant programming and IT fundamentals, you can apply the knowledge by building Cloud projects. 

Working on projects that involve automation, infrastructure as code (IaC) and CI/CD pipelines will further develop your theoretical understanding about DevOps.

Getting some hands-on experience through projects will also create value for your resume and portfolio.

If you’re interested in exploring some Cloud project ideas, check out my YouTube playlist AWS Cloud Projects to get you started!

#4 Earn an AWS Certification

Getting certified is a great way to establish your credibility in the Cloud. 

Although most of the knowledge that you will gain from preparing for certifications are theoretical, they could help you develop a stronger foundation on DevOps principles, applications, and tools. 

I’d recommend starting out with the Developer Associate Certification.

#5 Develop Interpersonal Skills

A DevOps Engineer will be required to work with people from different teams and expertise. 

You must be able to explain and present issues and/or updates about the software to people who may not understand the industry-specific terminologies related to DevOps. 

That being said, honing your interpersonal skills such as communication skills and active listening are as important as your technical skills. 

💡 3 Soft Skills To Develop as a DevOps Engineer

Here are the 3 soft skills to build as a DevOps Engineer:

#1 Teamwork

The essence of DevOps is building a connection between two departments: software development and operations. 

This means you’re going to collaborate with people from different disciplines, so being a good team player is important to streamline issues and achieve a specific goal. 

#2 Adaptability

The DevOps environment is dynamic; it is prone to changes when deploying new features and/or fixing bugs.

In addition to the more new technologies and tools that are being created, a DevOps Engineer is responsible to keep track of the latest trends and updates to work more efficiently. 

Having an open mindset to embrace change and trying out new things is key. 

#3 Problem-Solving Skills

One of the main responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer is troubleshooting problems and solving them as fast as possible to prevent further errors from happening. 

The ability to think critically (and creatively) under pressure is highly commended to excel in this line of work. 


🛠️ 5 AI Tools to Improve Your Productivity

  1. Heyday: Converts your documents into quotes, shareable content, and a searchable database.

  2. Penny AI: Analyzes prices, product information and reviews to assist you in making smarter shopping decisions 

  3. Graft: Offers efficiency and cost minimization for your business using search, generative, and predictive AI

  4. Nuelink: Oversees your online presence so you can concentrate on your business as your social media operates seamlessly 

  5. Lucidchart: An AI-powered diagramming application that enables teams to make improved decisions collaboratively

🤫 PLUS: Apple’s Biggest AI Update for iOS 18

Apple recently announced that its Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) will return this year on June 10th. Along with that statement release, it was reported that the iOS 18 software update will mostly be AI-focused.

Although it’s still unclear about the specific AI features that will be made available, Apple is expected to incorporate AI throughout the iOS operating system. Here are some examples of what Apple might implement:

  • An improvement of Siri’s performance using large-language models (LLMs) to mimic human conversation

  • Auto-generated playlists in Apple Music based on user’s request

  • AI code-writing in XCode

  • And many more

Complete details about the software update are yet to be presented in the upcoming WWDC. 


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