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☁️ How to Build Hands-on Skills in AWS

PLUS: Best AWS Cloud Books for Beginners

In Today’s Cloudbites:

  • 🛠 How to build hands-on skills in AWS

  • 👩‍💻 5 Resources for building AWS Projects

  • 📚 The Best AWS Cloud Books for beginners

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites. In today’s newsletter, we’ll explore how you can build hands-on skills in AWS, and share some learning resources that will help you along the way.

🛠 How to build hands-on skills in AWS

First, let's address the question - why bother building hands-on cloud skills? Here are 3 reasons that may be relevant in your situation:

  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice (Instead of just obtaining AWS Certifications, learn how services work in the real-world).

  • Build a portfolio of work (A set of cloud projects you can add to your portfolio to showcase your skills).

  • Stand out in the job market (Provide tangible proof of your skills to potential employers).

Now, there are 2 ways you could approach building your hands-on AWS skills - ‘experimental’ and ‘guided’.

The ‘experimental’ approach involves diving deep into AWS documentation, blogs, and forums. It's self-guided and you may need more time to grasp new concepts and troubleshoot issues.

The ‘guided’ approach, is where you follow structured tutorials and workshops to build the cloud project. This one offers a more straightforward path, and is ideal if you prefer more support along the way.

How you decide to build your hands-on skills really depends on your personal preference and learning style. There is no “one correct path”.

Note: One question I often get asked is, "How many cloud projects should I build?" It's worth noting that the number of projects isn't as important as the breadth and depth of knowledge you gain from them. However, 2-3 projects can be good start in building your technical skills and creating your portfolio of cloud experience.

👩‍💻 5 Resources for building AWS Projects

Here are some resources to help you get started with building your AWS skills:

  1. AWS Free Tier [Free] - Experiment and practice with AWS at no cost. The Free Tier provides limited free access to a range of AWS services.

  2. Workshops.aws [Free] - A wide range of hands-on workshops and tutorials created by AWS. The workshops help you gain practical experience and learn by doing.

  3. AWS Tutorials [Free] - Step-by-step guides designed to teach you how to perform specific tasks in AWS. For example, this tutorial on ‘How to build a Serverless Web Application’.

  4. AWS Skillbuilder [Partially Free] - A learning platform with 600+ free courses available. Their $29 / month subscription offers unlimited access to 125+ AWS Builder Labs.

  5. AOS Note AWS Hands-on Projects [Paid] - Video courses that walk you through how to build common AWS projects. For all of AOS Note courses (including subscription plans), you can use the code “TECHWITHLUCY” for 20% off.

📚 The Best AWS Cloud Books for Beginners

Are you someone who prefers learning through books, rather than watching videos? If so, here the top 3 beginner-friendly AWS Books I’d recommend:

I've also partnered up with the amazing book authors to offer a special discount for our community. (Codes below!)

  1. AWS Fundamentals - Link 

    This book covers the core AWS services and provides a beginner-friendly introduction to cloud computing concepts. It serves as a solid foundation for understanding the fundamentals of AWS. (Use Code: "TECHWITHLUCY" for 20% off)

  1. AWS For Non-Engineers - Link 

    If you're new to AWS and don't have an engineering background, this book offers a great introduction to AWS. It explains new concepts in a very easy-to-understand way. (Use Code: "TWLUCY45" for 45% off)

  1. Tutorials Dojo AWS Certification Guides - Link

    This set of e-books are great for those pursuing AWS certifications. They provide in-depth coverage of AWS topics and include useful tips to help you ace your exam. (Use Code: "TECHWITHLUCY" for 10% off)

If you’d like to see a full walk-through of the books, check out my YouTube video on the Best AWS Cloud Books for Beginners.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😊

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