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How to Create an Impressive Cloud Resume

PLUS: Powerful AI Capabilities in the New iPad Pro

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In Today’s Cloudbites:

📝 How to Create an Impressive Cloud Resume

📌 AWS Interview Mastery Course Discount

☁️ Online Cloud Events to Look Forward to

🤫 PLUS: Powerful AI Capabilities in the New iPad Pro

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites

Today, I’ll be sharing some tips to craft your Cloud resume and help you land a Cloud job. I’ll also share some Cloud opportunities to aid your learning as well as the AI features in the new iPad Pro.


📝 How to Create an Impressive Cloud Resume

Having a good resume is important to capture a hiring manager’s attention and make them want to learn more about your application.

On that note, an impressive Cloud resume means that you’ve effectively presented your skill sets and Cloud expertise on your resume.

That being said, here are the three key steps to write a compelling Cloud resume and impress your hiring managers:

#1 Analyze the job requirements

Read the job description and look for any specific skills or qualifications the hiring manager seeks. 

I would recommend you to pay attention to the keywords that indicate what is valued in an applicant. 

By doing this, you can better focus and reflect on your skills and experiences that align with the job requirements.

This helps to demonstrate your suitability for the role when you start writing your resume.

#2 List your most relevant experiences

Focus on your past experiences that are most relevant to the role you applied for.

One common mistake that I’ve found is that people tend to list all the experiences that they’ve had.

In practice, it’s best to prioritize several experiences that showcase your expertise and achievements related to the Cloud industry only.

Additionally, adding essential details such as the company name, your position, and the duration of each role are also important to give context to your hiring managers.  

#3 Combine Steps 1 & 2

Did you know that hiring managers typically look at resumes for 6-7 seconds on average? 

Knowing this, it’s important to make a lasting first impression.

You can do this by incorporating specific key terms mentioned in the job description into your relevant past experiences. 

This not only demonstrates your qualifications, but also increases your chances of moving forward to the application stage by showcasing how your skills directly meet the hiring manager’s needs.

Now that you're ready to create an impressive Cloud resume, I've designed a resume template to help you save time while still presenting yourself as a suitable candidate for the role.

📌 AWS Interview Mastery Course Discount

Amazon as a data-driven company values data points that elaborate its applicants’ experiences.

Whenever it is applicable to add data points into your resume, it will increase chances of the employer seeing your resume in a positive light.

If you’re interested in landing a job at AWS and/or gain more insights into features of a good resume, check out my course where I talked more about having data in your resume and AWS’ company culture — AWS Interview Mastery: Get Hired in The Cloud.

The course is for beginners who want to land a job in the Cloud Computing industry and develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in AWS-related job interviews.

It's best suited for those targeting positions such as:

  • Solutions Architect (SA)

  • Cloud Support Engineer (CSE)

  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)

As special readers of the newsletter, I'm excited to offer you a special discount. Use the code "CLOUDBITES20" at checkout for 20% off. 

Don't miss your chance to start your AWS interview prep journey at a special rate!

☁️ Online Cloud Events to Look Forward to

#1 AWS – Cloud Practitioner Essentials (May 15)

Learn how to use AWS services to improve business processes and also gain an understanding of how to benefit from AWS security and compliance services.

Click here to register. 

#2 AWS – Deep Dive into LLMs - with AWS! (April 29 - May 20)

Find out the diverse range of use cases that LLMs can address, from natural language processing to content generation and beyond.

Click here to access.

#3 Google – Google’s Data Cloud Innovation Live Webinar (May 21)

Discover the latest innovations from Google’s Data Cloud for generative AI, including updates for BigQuery, Looker, and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

Click here to register.


🤫 PLUS: Powerful AI Capabilities in the New iPad Pro

Apple recently announced its new iPad Pro design with the newly-released M4 chip that takes portability and performance to the next level. 

💡 Here’s what you should know about the new iPad Pro:

  • The M4 chip itself is Apple’s next generation of silicon that has machine learning accelerators

  • Combined with its new advanced Neural Engine, the M4 chip is claimed to be “more powerful” than any neural processing unit in any AI PC up until today

  • The new iPad Pro also supports cloud-based solutions that enables users to run apps in collaboration with AI, such as Copilot for Microsoft 365

  • The M4 chip also helps users perform AI-enabled tasks faster, such as isolating a subject from its background in 4K video via a single tap (Scene Removal Mask) in Final Cut Pro

The new iPad Pro utilizes the power of AI to support high-quality performance and user experience. 

Product availability will commence on May 15, 2024.

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