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Future Proof Your Career: Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills for 2024

PLUS: That's a wrap for AWS re:Invent!

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📈 Future Proof Your Career: Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills for 2024

👩‍💻 My Top 5 Resources to Learn In-Demand Tech Skills

☁️ PLUS: That's a wrap for AWS re:Invent!

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites. Today, I’ll be sharing the top 5 in-demand tech skills to future proof your career in 2024. I’ll also be reflecting on my experience at AWS re:Invent over this past week.

📈 Future Proof Your Career: Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills for 2024

Building skills that are currently in demand can help you stand out in the job market. I’d recommend choosing 1 or 2 skills from the following list and spending your time mastering them.

  1. AI

    This year has been the biggest year yet for AI and heading into 2024, it will be no different. AI is being used across industries to solve problems, automate processes and make our lives easier.

    Companies are investing heavily into developing and improving AI products which means there’s growing demand for people who can understand AI.

    It’s been predicted that 97 million jobs involving AI will be created by 2025.

    Some new roles growing in popularity include:

    • AI Engineer

    • AI Researcher

    • Data Scientist

    • Machine Learning Engineer

    • Deep Learning Engineer

  2. Full-Stack Development

    Companies are on the lookout for people who can perform many different roles.

    People with full-stack development skills can work on entire projects, reducing the need for multiple specialised developers. This streamlines development processes and makes projects more cost-effective.

    While it may take a longer time to master each tech stack, you will gain access to a variety of jobs from web application development to designing user interfaces and managing databases.

    Some roles to consider include:

    • Full-Stack Developer

    • Web Developer

    • Software Engineer

    • Front-End Developer

    • Back-End Developer

  3. Expand your professional network:

    I personally started my career in the cloud 3 years ago, and still think it’s one of the best areas in tech to work in. 

    Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud infrastructure to reduce costs, improve scalability and streamline operations.

    As a cloud expert, you’ll help companies migrate data to the cloud while ensuring security, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

    Some key roles to look out for include: 

    • Cloud Architect

    • Cloud Engineer

    • Cloud Developer

    • Cloud Security Specialist

    • Cloud Operations Manager

  4. Prepare for technical cloud interview questions:

    When I worked at AWS a common saying was “security is job zero”. This meant that it was even more important than any number one priority.

    No matter how great a product or service is, if it is not secure, it can have serious consequences for the company and its customers.

    With AI powered hackers creating more threats than ever before, demand for cybersecurity skills is on the rise. Here are some of the jobs you can consider:

    • Information Security Analyst

    • Cyber Security Analyst

    • Security Engineer

    • Chief Information Security Officer

    • Security Architect​

  5. Improve your responses to behavioral interview questions:

    With the increasing amount of data being generated every day, companies are on the lookout for people who can analyze, visualize, and make sense of it all.

    People with data science skills play an important role in transforming raw data into actionable insights.

    By collaborating with diverse teams you’ll be able to turn data into business strategies that can help your organisation.

    Some roles to check out include:

    • Data Scientist

    • Machine Learning Engineer

    • Data Analyst

    • Data Engineer

    • Data Science Manager

👩‍💻 My Top 5 Resources to Learn In-Demand Tech Skills

  1. AI for Everyone: Perfect for absolute beginners looking to understand AI from the basics.

  2. Full-Stack Software Developer Course: Gain fundamental programming skills and build your own portfolio.

  3. Best Free AWS Cloud Resources [Video]: My favourite courses to learn AWS Cloud.

  4. Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity: This course prepares you for cybersecurity roles like Network Administrator, Penetration Tester, Cybersecurity Manager and so on.

  5. Google Data Analytics Certificate: Develop your knowledge of SQL and R programming and learn to visualize & present data findings.

☁️ [PLUS] That's a wrap for AWS re:Invent!

Overall, it was an incredible few days of meeting new people and connecting with the AWS community. I had so much fun attending all the different sessions and hearing about the latest launches & announcements in AWS.

It felt so surreal to be surrounded by so many bright, inspiring individuals - and I can’t wait to go again next year.

I’ll be summarizing some of the key updates from AWS re:Invent 2023, in next week’s Cloud newsletter - but in the meantime, you can watch sessions on-demand here.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😊

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