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How to Supercharge your Learning Journey with AI

PLUS: Have you tried Amazon Bedrock Yet?

In Today’s Cloudbites:

⚡️ How to supercharge your learning with AI

🔧 Top 5 AI tools to maximize productivity

👀 Have you tried Amazon Bedrock yet?

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites. Today I’ll be sharing 5 AI tools you can use to supercharge your productivity. These will be useful for everyone from students to professionals.

⚡️ How to Supercharge your Learning with AI

  1. ChatGPT’s Web Browsing Feature

    Get up-to-date summaries of news articles, academic reports and more using the new ‘Browse with Bing’ feature. It’s only available for Plus and Enterprise users for now, but will soon be rolled out to everyone.

  2. Use ChatGPT to explain complex images & diagrams

    Taking too long to understand technical diagrams? ChatGPT now supports image analysis and can efficiently summarize diagrams for easy understanding.

  3. Make the most of ChatGPT’s AI plugins

    Using ChatGPT plugins can make your learning more efficient. For example, the Whimsical Diagrams plugin, can help you visualize your ideas by generating images in response to a prompt. The plugin currently supports flowchart and mind map creation.

🔧 Top 5 AI tools to Maximize Productivity

  • Notion AI (Great for Everyone) → Write better and more efficient notes and docs.

  • Bluedot (Ideal for Professionals) → Capture, transcribe, and summarize your meetings with AI-crafted notes tailored to your needs.

  • Beautiful.ai (Great for Everyone) → Create presentations to impress, with automated templates, animations and slide analytics.

  • GitHub Copilot (Perfect for Developers) → Improve the efficiency of your coding with an AI-powered plugin that offers real-time coding suggestions.

  • Rezi.ai (Useful for Job-seekers) → Use AI to help with every aspect of resume creation including writing, editing, formatting, and optimizing. [Use code “TECHWITHLUCY” for 20% off]

👀 Have you tried Amazon Bedrock yet?

Amazon Bedrock is now generally available! It is a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies available through a single application programming interface (API). Some of its key capabilities include:

  • Text playground: A hands-on text generation application in the AWS Management Console.

  • Image playground: A hands-on image generation application in the console.

  • Chat playground: A conversational generation application in the console.

  • Amazon Bedrock API: Explore with the AWS CLI, or use the API to access the base models.

  • Embeddings: Use the API to generate embeddings from the Titan Embeddings G1 - Text model.

  • Provisioned throughput: Purchase throughput to run inference on models at discounted rates.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😊

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