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Overcoming the Challenges of Learning Cloud in 2024

PLUS: Meta Releases New AI Glasses

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In Today’s Cloudbites:

🧑🏻‍💻 Overcoming the Challenges of Learning Cloud

📚 Want to Retake Your AWS Certification Exam For Free?

🛠️ 5 AI Tools to Improve Your Productivity

🤫 PLUS: Meta Releases New AI Glasses

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites

Today, I’ll be talking about how you can overcome challenges in your Cloud learning journey. I’ll also share a free AWS Certification opportunity and some AI tools that you can use to be more productive.


🧑🏻‍💻 Overcoming the Challenges of Learning Cloud

With more technological advancements happening, changes like improvements in scalability and security measures are present in cloud computing. Here are some challenges to be mindful of to help you better navigate your Cloud learning journey in 2024. 

#1 The Rise of AI 

As AI becomes more integrated with Cloud services, it is important to remember that potential biases are still present in AI algorithms. 

By nature, biases could make any outcomes less accurate which might pose a challenge for you to learn Cloud. 

But instead of completely avoiding AI, embrace it as part of your learning journey to help improve your understanding  of Cloud. 

Learning about how AI is used in the Cloud and understanding ethical AI practices are great opportunities to enhance your Cloud knowledge.

For instance, platforms like Amazon SageMaker offer allow you to build Machine Learning models, opening new avenues for your personal learning. 

#2 Security and Compliance

One of the main challenges with Cloud technology that is constantly evolving is keeping up and understanding how they impact security practices. 

In fact, Forbes reported that there is a significant gap between cybersecurity personnels and demand. 

However, don't let that stop you. 

Prioritizing security in your learning early on will help you adopt skills that will attract your future Cloud employer. 

You could start upskilling yourself by learning about encryption, managing identities and access, and understanding regional regulations relevant to the country or region you reside in to name a few. 

#3 Applying Theoretical Knowledge

Changes are ever-present in the Cloud environment.

That being said, learning theoretical concepts is just the beginning. To truly master these, you need practical experience. 

In this fast-changing world, bridging the gap between theory and practice requires planning and a focused approach. 

One thing that could help you bring theory to life is by experimenting with hands-on Cloud projects. 

Additionally, keeping up with the latest trends in cloud technology will help you adapt quickly to changes, adjust your prior understanding, and stay updated in the Cloud industry.

📚 Want to Retake Your AWS Certification Exam For Free?

If you are planning to get AWS certified, now is the perfect time. 

Increase your confidence by taking the certification exam with a free retake opportunity.

Schedule your AWS Certification exam with Pearson VUE before April 30, 2024. Retake must be taken before June 30, 2024.


🛠️ 5 AI Tools to Improve Your Productivity

  1. Reporfy: Create, share, and interact on visually aesthetic, easy-to-read, and interactive reports 

  2. Hypothenuse AI: Write SEO-optimized blog articles, product descriptions, social media, ads, and more

  3. Giga Brain: Scan and present Reddit comments that are relevant to your search

  4. Numbers Station: A conversational AI and multi-agent platform that identifies the right way to get data and report answers back to you

  5. Lummi: AI-generated free stock photos and royalty free images

🤫 PLUS: Meta Releases New AI Glasses

Meta just announced that its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses collection will have an AI assistant called Meta AI.

💡 Here’s what you should know about the update:

  • Meta has added the ability to share your view on a video call via WhatsApp and Messenger via voice command

  • Meta started testing a multimodal AI update last December, which means that you can ask Meta AI in your glasses based on what you’re seeing

  • Meta AI can also translate texts, giving you the information you need without having to search up the translation on a search engine

Note that Meta AI currently is only available for users in the US and Canada.

Nevertheless, it’s incredible to see how everyday items are now becoming more seamless in terms of technological advancements. 

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