The New AI That can Beat ChatGPT

PLUS: Meet Grok, The Twitter AI that Roasts You

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📈 The New AI That can Beat ChatGPT

🤔 New Claims Google Faked its AI Voice Demo

👀 PLUS: Meet Grok, The Twitter AI that Roasts You

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites. Today, I’ll be sharing all the updates on Google’s latest AI launch - Gemini. I’ll also be diving into the recent release of Grok AI, the model trained on X’s dataset.

📈 The New AI That can Beat ChatGPT

Google has just launched Gemini - a new powerful AI model. It understands not only text but also images, video and audio.

Gemini is a flexible model that is designed to run on everything - from Google’s Data centers to mobile phones. To achieve this, the AI is being released in three different sizes:

  • Gemini Nano: Works on smartphones such as the Google Pixel 8.

  • Gemini Pro: Runs on Google’s data centers. Specifically aims to power the AI chatbot Bard.

  • Gemini Ultra: Targets highly complex tasks.Will be released after its current phase of testing.

How can you access Gemini?

Gemini Nano and Pro are now available across Google devices like the Pixel 8 phone and Bard chatbot.

How does Gemini Differ from other AI Models like GPT-4?

Google claims Gemini Ultra outperformed GPT-4, on 30 out of 32 benchmark tests, including reasoning and image understanding.

Gemini is a new type of system known as a multimodal model. It goes beyond analyzing text and images, and is designed to analyze and respond to real-time information coming in from the outside world.

This hints at the boundless direction that AI is moving towards. With new data and sensors, AI may be soon able to observe, discuss and act upon occurrences in the real world.

🤔 New Claims Google Faked its AI Voice Demo

Following its launch, there has been growing controversy surrounding the videos used to market Gemini.

Experts pointed out that the demo videos for the new AI model were not filmed in real-time, and misrepresented the model’s features and performance.

However, others have argued that edited demos are quite common within the industry. They claim that this doesn’t diminish the fact that Gemini is one of the few models truly comparable to GPT-4 at the moment.

👀 [PLUS] Meet Grok, The Twitter AI that Roasts You

Over the past week, Grok (Elon Musk’s X-based AI) rolled out to Premium+ subscribers.

Unlike ChatGPT, Grok is infamous for its ability to swear at users and poke fun at them, mirroring the witty and sarcastic tone often found among X users. Even Elon Musk has not been spared from its wrath.

Musk claims the AI is still quite new and will undergo almost daily updates, based on user experiences and feedback. As it evolves, Grok will bring a fresh perspective to users interacting with AI.

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