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Topics to Learn to Ace Your Cloud Interview

PLUS: Microsoft’s $1.5B Investment in UAE AI Firm

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In Today’s Cloudbites:

📚 Topics to Learn to Ace Your Cloud Interview

🧑‍💻 Have a Cloud Interview Coming Up?

☁️ 5 Cloud Online Events to Look Forward to

🤫 PLUS: Microsoft’s $1.5B Investment in UAE AI Firm

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites

Today, I’ll be sharing some topics to learn that will help you prepare for your Cloud job interviews. I’ll also talk about some Cloud opportunities that can help your learning as well as Microsoft’s recent investment strategy.


📚 Topics to Learn to Ace Your Cloud Interview

#1 Cloud Computing Fundamentals

There are three major concepts to help you prepare for your Cloud interview:

  1. Service models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)

  2. Deployment models (Private, Public, and Hybrid)

  3. Key characteristics of cloud computing

Some key characteristics of cloud computing that you can explore are scalability, elasticity, and security.

It’s important to understand these because employers seek applicants who have a strong grasp of these basic concepts.

Additionally, many Cloud-related roles require you to be familiar with these topics. 

#2 Cloud Service Providers

It’s always good to be aware that there are other Cloud service providers out there. 

Even if you’re just interviewing for AWS, it’s beneficial to see how AWS fits into the bigger Cloud ecosystem that consists of other Cloud service providers.

I would personally recommend you to have a conceptual understanding of the three largest Cloud service providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. 

Understanding their different core services and features will help you develop your problem-solving skills by having that insight to identify different solutions according to the different services used. 

#3 Networking & Security

In today’s digital world, employers are seeking proficiency in security and compliance in job applicants. 

That being said, having a deep understanding of cloud networking concepts (e.g. virtual networks and subnets) and cloud security will help you show your attentiveness to the integrity of data.

For example, you could learn how to route end users to internet applications by translating domain names into IP addresses with Amazon Route 53 (cloud networking). 

For cloud security, AWS Firewall Manager is a great instance to centrally configure and manage firewall rules across AWS accounts and applications.

#4 Storage Services

Familiarizing yourself with different types of cloud storage and their use cases is also going to enrich your Cloud practical knowledge.

I’d suggest exploring Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) as it is designed to work on a wide range of instances, such as backup and restore, data lakes, content distribution, and application data storage.

#5 Monitoring & Automation

Studying cloud monitoring will help you gain insights on the performance of cloud infrastructure.

From this, you will learn how to do proactive management of resources and rapid response to issues.

An example would be Amazon CloudWatch, which collects and tracks metrics, monitors logs, sets alarms, and automatically reacts to changes in your AWS resources.

Additionally, knowing how to leverage automation tools will help you enable consistency and cost-effectiveness in Cloud environments.

One of the most popular automation services is AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service that allows you to run code in response to events without provisioning or managing servers.

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☁️ Online Cloud Events to Look Forward to

#1 Pluralsight – #TechSkillsDay (April 25)

Want to begin, build, or boost your tech career? I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at Pluralsight’s Tech Skills Day to talk about Cloud learning and career opportunities!

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#2 AWS – Deep Dive into LLMs - with AWS! (April 29 - May 20)

Learn the diverse range of use cases that LLMs can address, from natural language processing to content generation and beyond.

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#3 TLG Learning – AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (April 22)

Dive into the fundamentals and applications of AWS services for computing, storage, database management, networking, content, security, and compliance services.

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#4 Microsoft Azure – AI Fundamentals (April 30)

Discover how organizations use AI technology to solve real-world challenges and see how to build intelligent applications using Azure AI services.

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#5 Google Cloud –  GoogleCloudLiftOff (May 9)

Introduction to the core Google Cloud services for compute, storage, database, Big Data and networking.

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🤫 PLUS: Microsoft’s $1.5B Investment in UAE AI Firm

Microsoft has agreed to partner with G42, a leading AI company in the UAE, to collaborate and deliver high-quality AI innovations for various industries throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.

💡 What you should know about this agreement:

  • Microsoft has acquired a small share in G42

  • In exchange, G42 is to leverage Microsoft’s Cloud services for the development and deployment of AI technologies

  • G42 has pledged to exclude China-based Huawei from its infrastructure and comply with a security protocol to safeguard shared AI products

Although the agreement between Microsoft and G42 may appear as a common strategic investment, this has been seen as an attempt by the US to get a step ahead in the global AI industry.

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