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How to get Ahead of 99% of Cloud Learners

PLUS: Check out these FREE Learning Badges from AWS

In Today’s Cloudbites:

📈 How to get Ahead of 99% of Cloud Learners

☁️ More Unique Ways to Learn Cloud 10x Faster

🌟 PLUS: Check out these FREE Learning Badges from AWS

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Hi friends, welcome back to Cloudbites. Today, I’ll be sharing 5 ways you can get ahead of 99% of cloud learners. I’ll also be sharing one of my favourite free resources from AWS.

📈 How to get Ahead of 99% of Cloud Learners

With cloud computing becoming one of the most in-demand tech fields, the competition for cloud jobs is intense. If you’re looking to differentiate yourself, here are 5 tips to help you get ahead of 99% of cloud learners.

  1. Work with the end in mind.

    When trying to achieve a cloud certification, picture yourself at the end of the journey. What does it look and feel like to achieve this goal?

    Reflect on this vision everytime you feel unmotivated, and use it to keep pushing forward.

  2. Use AI to your advantage.

    Instead of fearing AI, use the AI tools to your advantage to learn faster.

    Check out my newsletters 5 ChatGPT Prompts to Help Land your Next Cloud Job and How to Create your own Custom GPT Cloud Tutor for a deep-dive into how you can do this.

  3. Build real-world projects.

    Most cloud learners get too caught up in learning content and don’t apply the skills.

    Set yourself apart by regularly experimenting with cloud services and using your knowledge to solve real business problems.

    If you don’t know where to get started, check out my video 5 Mini AWS Cloud Projects to Build.

  4. Contribute to open-source cloud projects.

    Once you’ve gained experience creating your own projects, challenge yourself to contribute to open-source cloud projects.

    For absolute beginners, you can start small by making regular contributions to your own GitHub account.

  5. Stay up to date with new services.

    Cloud platforms release updates on a regular basis. By spending just one hour a week, you can make sure you are aware of the latest developments.

    You can save time by regularly opening your Cloudbites newsletter and watching Tech with Lucy videos, which will inform you of the latest developments in both cloud and AI.

☁️ More Unique Ways to Learn Cloud 10x Faster

  1. Practice explaining cloud architectures & diagrams to friends and family.

    One of the best ways to learn is by teaching someone else. 

    Try breaking down the cloud architectures and explaining it to others. Avoid using technical words whenever possible and make it easy to understand.

  2. Use visual aids like diagrams and flowcharts.

    Visualize complex services and workflows by mapping them out. This can help you see links between concepts more easily and improve your understanding.

  3. Gamify your learning with fun cloud learning platforms.

    Make studying for your cloud certification more engaging, by gamifying the learning process. 

    For example, you can play AWS games like Cloud Quest to help you build practical cloud skills.

    Similarly, AWS GameDay is a gamified learning event that brings teams together to solve real-world problems using AWS services. Sign up here to attend the next GameDay.

  4. Participate in cloud study jams.

    Studying with other people can help you learn from each other's mistakes and successes.

    Take advantage of cloud study jams hosted by major cloud companies to learn about Cloud technologies through a different lens.

    This can also expand your network, which will help when applying for jobs.

  5. Follow cloud thought leaders on social media.

    Following thought leaders in the cloud space can keep you inspired and help you gain advice if you don’t have direct access to a mentor or cloud network.

    They’ll also help you stay up-to-date on the latest in cloud. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more helpful content like this.

🌟 [PLUS] Check out these FREE Learning Badges from AWS

Did you know AWS offers 13 free Cloud Knowledge Badges? Earning these badges can help you validate your AWS skills and is another great way to set yourself apart.

Here are the top 5 I’d recommend:

  • AWS Knowledge Cloud Essentials [LINK]

  • AWS Knowledge Architecting [LINK]

  • AWS Knowledge Serverless [LINK]

  • AWS Knowledge Object Storage [LINK]

  • AWS Knowledge Block Storage [LINK]

Find out more here.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😊

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